Chicken Drumsticks Pressure Cooker Recipes

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The term “drumstick” refers to the lower, meatier leg of a poultry animal, such as a chicken, turkey, or duck, which extends from the knee joint almost to the foot.

You can roast, stew, grill, or bake chicken drumsticks. The drumstick is typically offered as a “bone-in” piece of meat.

Can you cook chicken in pressure cooker?

The drumstick and the chicken thighs make up the bird’s leg. The meat on the drumstick is called dark meat because it has a lovely dark tan color and is juicier than the white meat of chicken breasts

As you might have guessed, drumsticks are super versatile to cook with! With the right cooking, the meat will be soft and fall off the bone when tugged in.

Today, let’s look at the various ways you can cook a delicious recipe for chicken drumsticks. You will need a few simple ingredients and techniques.

Instant pot chicken drumstick recipe

How long to cook chicken legs in pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are very easy to cook with. The cooking time is minimal, and your meal will come out healthy and delicious.

Chicken legs and drumsticks take only ten to fifteen minutes to cook in as an instant pot pressure cooker recipe. Whether you have an electric pressure cooker or a manual one, here is the technique.

You need to broil the drumsticks on each side for five minutes, and then it takes another five minutes for quick release. Wait for the natural release of the remaining pressure.

Recipe for pressure cooker chicken legs and potatoes

Here is an instant pot chicken drumsticks recipe for the whole family.

Here’s the recipe card:

  • Black pepper, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and cayenne pepper are used in the dry rub. Make the dry rub in a small bowl.
  • For this Instant Pot chicken dish, you’ll need roughly 10 chicken drumsticks. Use a baking sheet if you need one.
  • You will use olive oil and butter to first brown the chicken legs’ exteriors.
  • The butter adds a ton of flavor, but the oil contains less saturated fat. Furthermore, it permits a good sear without burning.
  • A cup of water or chicken broth will be used to produce steam during high pressure cooking. Even though it seldom ever comes into contact with the chicken, it contributes to its flavor and moisture.
  • Strain the liquid and thicken it to create a delectable gravy.
  • There will be natural pressure release from the top of the trivet.
Recipe for chicken drumstick cooked in pressure cooker
Chicken legs are a tasty part of the bird – part-cooking in a pressure cookers a great idea

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How to cook a chicken drumstick casserole in pressure cooker

White wine, cream, shallots, garlic, parsley, and dill are the ingredients used to prepare simple and creamy chicken casserole.

From the potatoes that melt in your mouth like butter to the delectable sauce and crispy-skinned chicken, you will adore everything about this dish!

This dish is so simple that it nearly seems unreal. Simply mix everything together in a casserole in a single layer and bake.

You can prepare all the ingredients and put the dish together in advance. When you’re ready to eat, bake. It really is the complete meal for your family.

It can be challenging to get the perfect crispy skin on baked chicken. One trick is to keep the chicken in freezer bags and take them out half an hour before you cook.

Don’t forget to pat dry the chicken with a paper towel after they thaw. This helps to get rid of moisture.

Bake the chicken casserole first covered with foil for 20 minutes, then uncovered for 25 to 30 minutes, to achieve that desirable, crispy golden chicken skin.

Change the oven setting to broiler when the chicken is almost done. After basting the chicken with the sauce, place the casserole under the broiler to crisp up the chicken skin. 

Pressure cook chicken drumsticks ninja foodi

There are different ways to cook the same meat with the same ingredients. Here’s another easy instant pot recipe.

Put your meat in the ninja foodi air fryer for this recipe. This recipe’s versatility in terms of seasoning is yet another outstanding feature.

Choose to keep things straightforward and use a marinade of lemon and herbs, but you are welcome to add any other flavour to suit your tastes.

Set the air fryer to 180C/360F for heating. After that, add the chicken pieces to the bowl and spread the marinade all over them.

You have the option of making the chicken right away or marinating it for 30 minutes in an airtight container for more flavor.

Roast the chicken pieces for 18 to 20 minutes on each side in the air fryer. Cook the chicken in two batches if all of the pieces won’t fit in the air fryer at once.

Best saucy chicken drumstick recipes

Transform the easy instant pot recipe you learned by making them saucy! Air-fried BBQ chicken legs have a wonderfully crispy outside and are juicy and soft inside.

Drizzle your favorite bbq sauce on top and serve with mashed potatoes or spiced rice. You can also put buffalo sauce.

Your family will scrape the bottom of the instant pot clean!

Pressure-cooked chicken with salad
Add pressure-cooked chicken to veg or salad for a quick nutritious meal

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How to cook shredded chicken drumsticks

Hand-tear boiled chicken drumsticks into thin strips.

Add soy sauce to taste, one spoon each of balsamic vinegar, sugar, and salt, along with a dash of sesame oil, and combine well.

Grab a different bowl and divide the dry chili into pieces. Add the recommended number of white sesame seeds. Mix well before adding the juice and chili oil.

Best way of cooking frozen drumsticks in the instapot

When you forget to thaw chicken and need to prepare a tasty, quick meal for the family, this recipe for air-fried frozen chicken drumsticks will save you time.

In your air fryer, you can cook frozen chicken legs, and the results are excellent, exactly like if you had thawed the chicken first.

Using only a few ingredients, this recipe for air-fried frozen chicken legs comes together quickly and cooks in about 40 minutes. These are instant pot drumsticks as well.

Your family will scrape the bottom of the pot. Click on the affiliate links in this article to get more recipes.

Thaw the frozen drumsticks and use your favorite marinade mix on the chicken. Don’t forget to pat dry.

The rest of the recipe is easy. Simply cook your chicken in the air fryer at 180C/360F for 15 minutes on both sides.

How to cook chicken drumsticks fast

The fastest you can cook chicken drumsticks is in 10 minutes in an instant pot. You will need room temperature chicken and the minimum seasoning for it.

With even salt and pepper, the drumsticks will come out great, and your family will enjoy it.

Chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce
Pressure cookers also cook chicken faster than other methods

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FAQ relating to Chicken drumsticks pressure cooker recipes

If you are cooking drumsticks for the first time, you might have some queries regarding the process. This section of the article will help you out.

Cooking chicken drumsticks is a bit tricky for the novice cook. You need the right amount of time and the right technique.

Precision is very important when it comes to cooking meat. Make sure you do not overcook it.

Here are some questions that cover the basics of cooking chicken drumsticks in brief. You will be making your next chicken drumsticks dish in a jiffy after this!

How long does it take to cook drumsticks?

Depending on the method and the kitchenware you use, chicken drumsticks can take from a few minutes to half an hour to cook.

On the whole, drumsticks are very quick to cook and make for perfect weeknight dinners. Usually, you will spend 30 minutes on a chicken drumsticks recipe, including prep time.

How long does it take to pressure cook chicken legs in the Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooks chicken legs perfectly. The dark meat will turn out succulent and juicy. This only takes about 15 minutes, with some extra prep time.

The drumsticks might take another 5 minutes to release the pressure. Have fun with the seasonings!

With the Ninja Foodi, you can take the worry off your weeknights. You can bake, boil, and pressure cook your chicken thighs and drumsticks with minimal effort, even on busy days.

How do you cook drumsticks in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker?

It is an easy process. Dry rub the ingredients with the chicken.

You should use pepper, and salt, along with herbs and olive oil. Set aside for a few minutes.

Ninja Foodi will require very little oil to cook the chicken. Set the chicken in a single layer.

The chicken will cook within a few minutes. You will have to turn the chicken over in the middle of the process.

Serve your chicken with some mashed or baked potatoes.

How much water do you put in a pressure cooker when cooking chicken?

Usually, after putting the chicken in the pressure cooker, the water will come up a centimeter above it.

For the best results, use chicken broth instead of water. It will impart a delicious flavour to the dish.

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